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This is a detailed guide on how to make money online in Kenya using Facebook giving you ten of the best ways of earning money from Facebook.

Social media, especially Facebook, is one of the platforms that can allow you to make an unlimited amount of money. There are over 15 ways you can easily make money through Facebook and become rich.

For you to make real money on Facebook, you need to be out there to help people and make friends. If you make it all about the money then you may not make much. But if you focus on helping people sort out their problems, you will develop excellent solutions that will make you good cash.

Make money on Facebook
Make money on Facebook

Below are the 15 best ways you can make money on Facebook, some very specific to the Kenyan market.

Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook sponsored is ideal when you have a lot of followers so for instance if you have100,000 likes or followers you might consider doing some sponsored posts which are basically when you write something or post an image that an advertiser or a company wants you to post which would help them grow their business. If you have a website that is not performing well, you can use your Visa Card to pay for services on Facebook so that they can show your website to your targeted audience. You can also sponsor a post you have written on Facebook or your website to drive traffic to your site. In this way, people will know your site and keep on visiting it in the future. Sponsoring a post on Facebook requires a budget of Ksh1, 000 per day and a weekly budget of at most Ksh7, 000.

Sharing Your Blog Posts on Facebook for Traffic

After your page has attained a number of likes, create a blog and search for companies that pay for advertising like AdSense, Medianet and infolinks. Add the advertising program in your blog then share your posts on Facebook. The higher the number of likes your page has the higher the traffic to your blog and the higher your earnings.

Manage company Facebook Pages

You can start a company or be a freelancer who manages company Facebook pages. I think you know most companies don’t have time to run social media platforms. As an individual, you can convince them to allow you to manage their platforms so that you can keep updating the followers on what is happening in the company and do PR for them. There are so many individuals doing the same in Kenya and they make up to Ksh 500,000 per month.

Manage Facebook pages for famous politicians and prominent personalities

Many politicians don’t have time to check on what’s trending on social media. They, therefore, require someone who can monitor what is happening on the platforms and update their social media pages for PR. Several politicians in Kenya, which include Raila Odinga, Alfred Mutua, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, and Kalonzo Musyoka have employed people to run their social media handles. These politicians pay them up to Ksh700,000 per month.

Sharing Referral Links on Facebook

You can search online for companies in Kenya that pay through referrals or affiliate. Register with such sites and use your Facebook page to refer friends to your referral links. A page that has 10,000 likes can generate about $ 15  a day through referrals

Marketing your products on Facebook

If you are a data analyst, you provide catering services, you are a photographer or you have any other business you do that you want people to recognize, then Facebook is the best platform to market it. Simply open a page-opening a page takes a few seconds-and invites your friends and tell them to share with their friends. If your products are what the market requires then you’ll find it easy to penetrate the market. Almost every big organization, businesses, or media houses have Facebook pages for their products. You will be left behind if you don’t take a step and have yours.

Advertise company business and events on your Page

If your page is very popular and you want to make money, you can approach a company that wants to advertise their products. Then write a nice post concerning the company’s services, which will reach out to your audience.

Creating a niche-based Facebook group

Once the group reaches a substantial number of membership, you sell the admin rights to people who want to promote or market their products/services. You can also partner with brands to promote their products to the group.

Facebook Instant Articles

In this case, you make money with Facebook’s Audience Network by writing Instant Articles. These are those articles that you usually see in your news feed. Instant Articles load up to 10 times faster than the mobile web. Make sure that your site follows Instant Articles policies, including their monetization content guidelines. Avoid common article formatting errors before submitting sample articles. You must be approved before you can start publishing Instant Articles. Please submit a sample group of articles. Make sure to create at least 10 articles in your production library before submitting them for review. These articles have sponsored ads by facebook’s version of Google Adsense) and it works just the way as Google Adsense. The minimum payout is 100$.

Affiliate marketing on Facebook

You can do proper affiliate marketing on Facebook. By proper affiliate marketing I mean referring people to real products that offer real value. I’m saying this since there are people who join fake “affiliate marketing campaigns” that lead to absolutely nowhere — such as links to “Public Likes”, “TaskToJob” etc.

Below are some tips on how to do proper affiliate marketing:

  • Join genuine affiliate programs e.g. Commission Junction, ShareASale, and or individual affiliate programs such as HostGator and AWeber.
  • Offer useful information related to the above programs e.g. you can talk about how web hosting is a pain. When people ask questions, ask them to join HostGator through your affiliate link.
  • Don’t just go posting “naked” affiliate links everywhere. Talk about the benefits of what’s on the link.
  • It’s always best to refer people to stuff that you have bought and used.
  • It’s also good to inform them that you may get a commission should they use your link. Yes, if you use some links in this article I’ll get a commission.
  • Strive to use your mailing list for conversions as opposed to Facebook.
Earn from your Facebook profile

Yes, you can also make money from your Facebook profile. If you have followed the above steps, most likely you have joined different Facebook groups and made genuine friends in your subject area. For example, I used to accept tons of friend requests (now my friends’ list is full)! Therefore, I have many friends in five categories:

  1. Those looking to be inspired with spiritual posts
  2. Those looking for posts on financial wisdom
  3. Those who want to improve their marriages and parenting
  4. Those who want to make money online

The first three above are more of volunteer stuff that I do for no pay. The last one gets me lots of customers and the first three gets me lots of good online friends. Once you have many friends in different categories, here is how you will earn:

Create a Product that Solves a Problem

The first way of making money anywhere is having something to sell. This can be in form of offline products, digital products, courses or services. During the case study period, I saw people selling different things on Facebook. Some of the products that sold like hotcakes at the time included:

  • Data bundles – Buying huge bundles from Safaricom then creating smaller denominations that you can sell (this is no longer a thing nowadays)
  • eBooks – Writing an eBook that tackles a problem (still awesome today)
  • Likes – Getting paid to drive likes to Facebook pages (not a big deal nowadays)
  • Advertising – Learning how to do Facebook ads and then offering ad creation as a service. You can also earn from driving traffic to your own products through Facebook ads (this is still awesome and can take you far)
  • Fashion – Get a source of quality fashion items. Ladies and baby stuff tend to do well. (Awesome even today)
Make money through your Facebook page

Sorry to say this but new Facebook algorithms are totally de-ranking Facebook pages. This means that whenever you post something on your Facebook page, only a very small percentage of people will see it. When you make a post on your Facebook page, only a small percentage (even less than 5% sometimes) of those who like your page will see it. According to Facebook, these numbers will keep decreasing. And you wonder why shrewd Kenyans are now joining Facebook groups where engagement is much higher.

Now to make money through your Facebook page, you can do the following:

  • Post likable and shareable stuff – Facebook uses EdgeRank to determine which posts will be visible first whenever someone logs into Facebook. The more people like, comment or share your stuff, the more visible you’ll be.
  • Don’t always write marketing posts – Yes, sometimes you may need to write funny stuff, post interesting images and quotes among others. This way, the increased engagement will increase visibility of your posts. In fact, top marketers combine fun and business. This is where you have a funny, likeable photo but in the text you include a call to action for your product or mailing list.
  • Use it for lead generation – Post a lot of stuff that will make people want to join your mailing list. Once they join your list it will be easier for them to become future clients. For example, I recently got a lot of people joining my free mini-course for writers mailing list from Facebook, some of whom are now great friends and customers. In this mailing list, I give writers free valuable tips via email.
  • Sponsor your marketing posts – Note that it’s better to use pages to add people to your list than to buy directly. However, you can still market your products or services directly and laser-target your customers. E.g. if you’re selling nice ladies shoes, you can target women between ages 21 and 40 who like Prada, Manicure, Spa, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Note that these are not all shoes but ladies who buy Prada bags are likely to buy Gucci shoes.
  • Use social media marketing tools – You can use tools to schedule posts for you, that way you don’t have to be on Facebook all the time.
  • Events – Whenever you host events, make sure you create a Facebook event and invite all your friends. As the go-to-guy for your subject area, you likely have many friends who would like to pay and come to such an event.
Earn money by streaming

Facebook from a few years began a monetization process for its customers. This is by posting notices on user profiles, relating their preferences and announcing if any of your contacts are playing online or not. Games is another space that Facebook began to use to earn revenue. The sale of spaces, permissions for notifications, tools and gadgets within the same games generate the company billions. You can start selling these types of items to get real money. However, the caveat is that you will have to spend many hours inside the games to get valuable winnings.

Earn money from Facebook Videos

It is not a secret that YouTubers are one of the best-paid people in the world due to how popular videos can be converted, for this reason, Facebook decided to enter this market. Facebook currently pays more money than YouTube for the number of people watching the video. Your income will increase if you access some Facebook rules, such as allowing you to place advertising on some parts of your video. In order for you to earn money with Facebook, the content must be useful for all people, and be very careful with Facebook’s terms and conditions. In this sense, you should avoid making videos of sexual or violent content. This can lead to users denouncing your videos as inappropriate for the community, removing them from your playlist, and ending up sanctioning your income platform. For this reason, you must be very careful.

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Those are the top 15 ways on how to earn money from Facebook in Kenya. Stay tuned to Onuonga Reviews for more updates.

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