Our Services

Service CategoryServiceDescriptionPrice (Kshs)Price (USD)
WordPress Website ServicesWordPress Website DesignWe design and build your website within the shortest time possible and to your taste and preferences.10, 000100
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)We optimize your new or existing website to the highest SEO standards and make your articles easily discoverable to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Baidu (Click here to view my Yoast SEO Certificate)5, 00050
Local Business SEOA fully customized Google My Business profile for Google Search and Google Maps showing your business. (Check out my GMB Profile for inspiration)2, 00020
Structured data (Rich Results and Snippets)Get rich results and snippets for any structured data eg how-to articles, FAQ, article, movie, review, video, job posting, etc. (check my Yoast Structured data Certificate or the full list of Structured data)
Blog Publishing ServicesSponsored PostsSearch Engine Optimized (SEO) posts with backlinks to your website and mentions of your brand.4, 00040
Display AdvertisementBanners of different sizes and formats for your brand campaigns and adverts.3, 00030
Promoted ContentSearch Engine Optimized (SEO) Posts to advertise your brand or product, without any backlinks to your website.2, 00020
Link InsertionBack links to our content and posts to generate traffic to your website.1, 00010
Ghost BloggingQuality SEO article written by me but published on your website under your name (price per every 500 words).5005
Guest BloggingArticle written by me and published on your website under my name with backlinks to my website (website must have minimum of 5,000 monthly views)FreeFree
Brand MentionsOccasional mentions of your product and services on our social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (must be business run by a Kenyan youth/student).FreeFree
Onuonga Reviews Service Charter.


Onuonga Reviews appreciates advertising from all responsible vendors, subject always to editorial approval. We hold the right not to sell advertising space to agencies or individuals inconsistent with Onuonga Reviews editorial policy. While we strive to provide readers with a great ad experience, advertisements may not necessarily reflect the views of Onuonga Reviews. We will however maintain high integrity and truthfulness with our reviews articles. This will ensure that we only recommend products and services that we have tried and tested ourselves.

Service Terms

  1. All sponsored posts and promoted contents shall be marked as “Sponsored” so that our readers become aware.
  2. We do not accept payment to review product or services offered by any vendor and neither will we edit review posts to please the vendor. All reviews shall be subjected to our editorial usage experience plus feedback from other users of the product.
  3. Vendors/business who want their product or services reviewed should submit them through our contact page, provided the reviews shall be done inline with condition (2) above.