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Top 100 Online Shopping Sites in Kenya

Top 100 Online Shopping Sites in Kenya
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Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, a large number of people worldwide turned to online shopping. With social distancing and lockdown among the restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus, online stores have become even more popular. The advantages that come with online shopping has made it become a trend in Kenya. So, if you are looking to save time and want your shopping delivered at the doorstep, here are some of the popular online shops in Kenya.  Don’t forget to follow Onuonga Reviews for more updates.

Top Online Shops in Kenya

  1. Jumia

This is currently the biggest online shopping platform operating through the address www.jumia.co.ke, with an app rating of 4.4/5.0. The majority of the users have described the online shopping site to be reliable and on point when it comes to payment and delivery of goods to customers. Jumia sells a variety of items, from electronics to groceries. Most people shopping through Jumia, especially when buying electronics, recommend that you check the seller’s rating and the number of products sold.

This would give you a rough idea of how genuine the seller is. This is arguably the biggest online shop in East and central Africa. Products are phones, laptops, tablets, household items, clothes, bags, and so on and so forth. They are aggressive marketers and have one of the best prices and offers in Kenya, complete with delivery. Their payment mode is pay on delivery which is either cash, mobile money e.g. MPESA, Airtel Money, YU-Cash or a credit card mode of payments.

  1. Kilimall

This is an online platform operating through the address www.kilimall.co.ke, with a app rating of 4.6/5.0. Kilimall is a strong competitor of Jumia and sells a wide range of products. The online shop is also the main supplier of Cubot mobile phones. This is Jumia’s worthy competitor and just like Jumia, they give buyers a variety of goods to buy.They are as genuine as Jumia and offer free deliveries within Nairobi. Modes of payments are cash, mobile money and credit cards

  1. Jiji 

Jiji, formerly known as OLX, is an online platform operating through the address www.jiji.co.ke with an app rating of 4.6/5.0. It Deals with a wide range of products, including foodstuffs, electronics, motor vehicles, etc. This particular site helps you buy and sell second-hand items online through their website. This is the biggest second hand goods online market in Kenya and all around Africa. It allows you to sell goods you don’t need anymore, or to sell goods when you urgently need some money and allows buyers to buy goods.
Excessive caution is required here because alot of people are cons and OLX won’t be liable.

  1. Pigiame 

Just like Jiji, Pigiame offers both new and second-hand items. Operating through https://www.pigiame.co.ke/, the online store mainly deals with electronics and vehicles. Pigiame.co.ke is a marketplace for both new and used goods. Buyers and sellers need to create an account in order to buy and sell and just like OLX, caution is needed.

Other Popular Online Shopping Platforms

  1. Jumia Market

An affiliate of Jumia, Market.jumia.co.ke is designed for small sellers. It allows buyers to link up directly with sellers.

  1. BuyRentKenya

www.buyrentkenya.com is an online shop where land and real estate developers find properties either for rent or sale or land for buying in Kenya.
It cuts the cost of middlemen.

  1. Cheki

Cheki.co.ke is Kenya’s biggest  online car vendor. They sell both new and used cars and also sell spare parts.
Cheki has a direct link of sellers with buyers and even loan providers.

  1. eKitabu

www.ekitabu.com is arguably the biggest online shop for buying ebooks in Kenya.

  1. Mimi.co.ke

Owned by celebrated media maven Julie Gichuru,Mimi is an online store that sells clothes, shoes and accessories. Mimi has a physical store within Nairobi if you don’t love shopping online.

  1. Mamamikes.co.ke

At mama mikes, you can buy absolutely anything from goats, airtime to supermarket vouchers, pay electricity bills and pay water bills.
Placing orders is done both online and through calls.

  1. Vitu mob

There are some products which are not delivered by top online stores in the world like Ebay and Amazon but www.vitumob.com ensures that your desired products are safely delivered to your doorstep here in Kenya.

  1. PhoneSoko

Phonesoko.com is one of the leading phone and phone accessories online market in Kenya. They have a variety of phones from the latest brand of Iphones to Infinix and Tecno, to Xiamo and all the phones you can think of.

  1. Electrohub.co.ke

Electrohub is a stock seller of  tyres, speakers and watches to phones, all phone accessories, tvs, Play Stations and everything electronics.

  1. Byhand Products

www.byhandproducts.com is an online shop for selling customized clocks, paintings and general  home decor .

  1. Shopit

They have majored in electronics.   www.shopit.co.ke

  1. Masoko

Safaricom’s e-commerce platform.  www.masoko.co.ke

Other General Online Shops

  1. JazaCart ~ For affordable TVs and smartphones
  2. Amanbo ~ You want to buy electronic cheap from China? This is your site
  3. GoSoko ~ Great for wholesalers…you can import from China directly from the site
  4. Mr. Duka ~ An online to offline shop…you search for the product you want online then go buy it at a physical store nearby
  5. E-mart ~ Brings Kenya’s Supermarkets (Naivas, Tuskys, FoodPlus, QuickMart, Carrefour etc) to you…you shop they deliver
  6. Online Supermarket ~ Used sell gift vouchers you could use to shop in local supermarkets…now they are just a typical ecommerce site. Prices are in US dollars though
  7. ePepea ~ Have retailers in your neighborhood…so you just order products online and tell them where to deliver and the closest retailer will deliver when you want
  8. PataBay ~ Have great deals on electronics and fashion
  9. Omall ~ I love their affordable electronics, especially subwoofers. Call them before you order just in case)
  10. Omar Marketplace ~ Some of the most affordable rates on phones, you’ll love them for that
  11. Fargo Shopping (you buy from them and the reputable Fargo Company guarantees FREE delivery)
  12. Yaoota (technically a search engine for shops and products, search what you want and they’ll show you where to buy it including the price)
  13. Goga ( aim at providing you with the latest electronics in the market at the most affordable prices)

Top Online Electronics Shops in Kenya

1. Hotpoint

Hotpoint is one of the largest retailers/wholesalers of consumer electronics and entertainment products in Kenya. Are you a fan of LG products? Well, Hotpoint enjoys Sole Distributorship Agency for LG Electronics status.

The good thing, they stock products from other global brands too. Be sure to check their site for crazy sales deals on TVs, Microwaves, and Washers.

2. Infinix Mall

To take advantage of the growing market for its products, Infinix created an online store. To avoid falling for counterfeits, get your Infinix phone, battery or other accessories from Infinixmall. You are safe buying directly from the manufacturer, don’t you agree?.

3. Saruk

Are you looking for projectors or certified refurbished computers? Well, Saruk has you covered. They are a bit expensive though. You may want to take advantage of their sales and offers to get your printers and cameras at some of the most affordable rates.

4. ShopSasa

ShopSasa is an online shopping site for electronics. You can get the best deals during their computer week with up to 50% off on laptops. Of course, ShopSasa delivers to most parts of the country and you can choose to pay on delivery.

5. Ramtons

Ramtons is a household name in Kenya when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. Instead of buying from a third party, you can buy directly from Ramtons’ website and enjoy their flexible countrywide delivery. Be sure to check out Ramtons’ clearance sale for great discounts

6. LG Brand Shop

LG Electronics Kenya official Online store for all its products, Smart TV, OLED TV, UHD TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave, and air-conditioning. You don’t have to gamble, LG Brand Shop only stocks genuine LG Products. Be sure to take advantage of their free delivery.

7. Price In Kenya

Initially, a reviews website, Price in Kenya is today one of the most popular sites to buy electronics in Kenya. They have both online and physical stores for convenience. Check them out for original smartphones at some of the most competitive rates

8. Phone Place Kenya

As the name suggests, Phone Place Kenya is the home of smartphones. I’ve bought some Huawei phones from them and referred clients to them and can say they sell genuine gadgets. And yes, there is room for a bargain at Phone Place despite the fact that theirs are some of the best rates in the market today.

9. Phones Tablets Kenya

This online shop has a wide variety of Tablets to meet your need. For convenience, Phones Tablet Kenya has both online and offline stores. While I don’t find their pricing the most pocket-friendly, people who’ve bought their products testify they are as genuine as they come.

10. Rondamo

You might have come across their computer ads on Facebook. Well, Rondamo Technologies is an established store where you can buy brand new and refurbished laptops. They sell other electronics from Printers to TVs cameras. Rondamo boasts of countrywide delivery, great discounts, and reliable customer care support.

Other online electronics shops

  1. FGee Online (some of the best deals on printers)
  2. The Tomorrow Technology (affordable phones, tablets, TVs and home theaters)
  3. Nairobi Home Appliances (fridges, cookers and deep freezers)
  4. Grantech (allows you to pay for products in installments)
  5. Luxmedia (From TVs to Cameras)
  6. Obee (For affordable phones and TVs)
  7. Smart Move Shop (Phones and Accessories)
  8. Mobile Hub ( Phones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs, etc)
  9. Mcphilips Digital (from cameras to brand new high-end laptops)
  10. Zuri Digital (Used and new computers)
  11. Elite Digital (All things apple from iPods to MacBooks)
  12. Sweech (for some great accessories)
  13. Etech (for new and refurbished copiers and printers)
  14. Dove Computers (for computers, printers, and accessories)
  15. Gadget World (for affordable computers and accessories)
  16. Bright Technologies (for computers, phones, and accessories)
  17. Bigman Computers (laptops, desktops, and accessories)
  18. SimbaPOS (Point of Sale Machines and software)
  19. Mac & More ( for Apple products and repairs)
  20. Glantix (computers and accessories)
  21. Techbuyz (for graphics cards, motherboards, power supply, etc)
  22. MicTouch (affordable computers and accessories)
  23. Nangos (new smartphones at competitive rates)

Top Online Fashion Shops in Kenya

These online shops deal mostly if not exclusively in fashion. Instead of visiting a general store for a shoe, why not check it out in one of the online shopping websites below?

  1. Fab Guru
  2. Binti
  3. LeStyle Parfait
  4. Style Connection
  5. Vivo Woman
  6. Sarai Afrique
  7. Keba Clothing
  8. Tique A Bou
  9. Fashion 254
  10. Just Brands Kenya

Top Online Grocery Shops in Kenya

Are you tired of going to the market for fresh vegetables or just to busy to go for grains from your local supermarket? Well, these days you can eat your cake have it. All it takes is a visit to one of these online grocery shops and have your vegetables and grains delivered at your doorstep

  1. GroceryPik
  2. Ranchoplus
  3. City Park Market
  4. Zucchini
  5. Verdura Groceries
  6. Wagon Shopping
  7. Kalimoni Greens
  8. Yum
  9. Herdy Fresh
  10. HaraQisha

Top Online Pharmacies in Kenya

You may be too busy or unwell to visit a local pharmacy. No need to worry. Here are some of the online website you can visit and order medicine. As a rule of the thumb, go for pay on delivery option so that you can confirm the quality of the drug you are buying.

  1. MyDawa
  2. ePharmacy
  3. PharmacyDirect
  4. PharmaShop
  5. Western Cosmetics

Classifieds Online Shopping

General Classifieds

An online classified is a site that allows individuals or shops to ADVERTISE their products and services. They are neither responsible for the quality of products or services. In fact, you may never meet the owners or operators of most online classifieds as the business is between you the buyer and the seller.

You must exercise extreme caution when buying from a classified since there is no one to guarantee quality. Ensure you meet in a public place and see or test the product before you pay. Otherwise, there are hundreds of fraudsters on these sites taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

Below a list of top online classifieds in Kenya

1. Olx

OLX is the leading online marketplace in Kenya that enables Kenyans to sell their used items and get good deals on items. Search for the product/service you are interested, compare the prices and contact the sellers via olx messenger or simply call them. Interrogate the seller about the product and arrange a meet if convinced.

2. Pigiame

Pigiame is like Olx and as old. They have go an extra mile to verify advisers on their platform. To be safe therefore, buy your products/services from verified sellers.

PigaMe is all about safety for both buyers and sellers. Automated checks allow us to early identify fraudulent users. More importantly, we ensure that everything on PigiaMe is thoroughly reviewed by our team and passes our high-quality standards.


3. Kenyads

A general classifieds you may want to visit. Kenya Ads is over 7 years old and has quite a variety to meet your online shopping needs

4. Jumia Deals

This is Jumia’s response to websites like OLX. It is quite busy with great offers under the real estate category

5. Biashara

With jisort na biashara as its slogan, Biashara is another free classifieds you can visit to buy almost anything.

6. Locanto

Locanto is a free, user-to-user local community classifieds site. You can use the site to post and search ads, to find a new place to live, buy a new car, find a job and much more. To eliminate spammers, they have premium ads…

7. The Star Classifieds

One search, all ads. It is your search engine for all classifieds in Kenya

8. Buy and Sell

One of the upcoming classifieds website in Kenya. Visit for serious offers on good and services

9. E-soko

ESoko Kenya is an online portal that allows you to buy goods and services by browsing the products and arranging a meet or delivery with the seller. You can get great bargains from this website

10. keBuy Sell

A general classified website you would love to use for your daily needs. You can buy household goods at half price.

Other general classifieds

  1. Tuuze
  2. Digger Classifieds

Real Estate Classifieds

While these classifieds websites may showcase other products and services, they mainly focus on helping you buy or rent a house. Check them out

  1. Buy Rent Kenya
  2. Property24
  3. CommercialKe
  4. Zidi Property
  5. RentLine
  6. My Property
  7. Maskani Kenya

Car Classifieds

You want to buy a car? Here are some of online sites you can visit for a great deal on your next car.

  1. Checki
  2. Oro
  3. Kostbar Motors
  4. Kenya Car Bazaar
  5. Auto Classifieds Kenya
  6. Kenya Auto Bazaar
  7. Car Bazaar
  8. UzaBoss

Facebook Groups/Shops

Facebook is not just for socializing, it is a ready marketplace. Here are some of the 3 popular groups you could join for great deals on products and services.

  1. Used Household Items in Kenya – UHIK ~ As the name suggests, it is for used goods from those moving or upgrading. Because the rates are always lower, the competition is high. So, it helps to contact the seller when you are ready with the money. Don’t forget to bargain a little 🙂
  2. Kilimani Mums Marketplace ~ Is a general market place, anything goes. But as is with every Facebook Marketplace, please be careful of the many conmen/women selling snake oil on the platform.
  3. Digital Farmers Kenya ~ Anything to do with farming from farm produce to products to animals, everything goes. The group also shares some serious farming tips to help you get started or make a profit.

Other online shops

Here are additional online shopping stores in Kenya to make your shopping experience even better. Please let me know through the comment box should you reach a broken link or a website that no longer exists/sells.

  1. BuyUSA (you buy from any store in the US or UK and have it delivered to you in Kenya)
  2. UK Dukas ( you shop from any UK online store and they deliver to you in Kenya)
  3. SuperBox (deals in imported kitchenware and electronics)
  4. Box ( you make orders from online merchants like Amazon, eBay.com among others, and enjoy doorstep delivery in Kenya )
  5. SureGifts (if you want to send someone a shopping voucher or a gift card, this is where to buy it)
  6. Soy’s (where to get your liquor)

There are other online channels in which people use to buy and sell goods like WhatsApp groups, which are created solely for business, where members can sell and buy products.

Customers are always advised to take caution and do research on the seller before making any purchase.

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